Commitment to Quality

Esay and quality certification for aluminum sand casting parts

Quality Policy
Politica de Calidad
Certificate ISO 9001
Certificado ISO 9001
Certificate SVTI
Certificado SVTI
Certificate DNV-GL
Certificado DNV-GL

Non destructive tests

Rayos X

In our well equipped test facilities, light alloy castings can be checked in our X-Ray facilities. The right soundness is warranty and checking results can be electronically recorded and later on checked.

Thickness is also controlled with an ultrasonic testing device. Additionally, other NDT processes can be performed in accordance to either international standards or customer demands by certified entities, such as dye penetrant test...



Our foundry is fully equipped with a complete metallurgical laboratory used to determine the chemical characteristics of each batch and to control the molten metal conditions before pouring. We issue 3.1 certificates for each delivered part on customer request.


Measuring equipment

Our 3-D coordinates measuring system, CNC controlled, is taking care of the accuracy of the casting pieces, moulds and CNC machined pieces.

The machine is located in a temperature controlled room and isolated from the foundry environment.

Complete dimensional and characteristics reports are supplied, under request, to our customers.