Production Lines

Disponemos de dos líneas de producción para satisfacer cualquier necesidad que tenga el cliente

Una basada en arena química, que nos permite la fabricación de piezas de hasta 300 Kg., sin perder precisión y exactitud en las cotas.
Y otra empleando arena verde, ideal para piezas de serie larga de hasta 80 Kg.

Línea de Moldeo Verde

Green sand casting process offers an optimal balance between affordable tooling cost and high productivity by means of a fully automated moulding and robot pouring line. The line provides a strong flexibility due to the rapidness in managing changes to cast a different reference in an easy way which also makes the line suitable for small series.

This line, combined with the latest technology in automatic core production, automatic cutting and de-core devices, offers a good quality performance combined with optimal productivity.

The size of the box -1000x750x500 mm- makes the line suitable for medium sizes pieces. up-to-date our engineers have been able to produce pieces up to 80 Kg including complicated geometries and sand cores.

Línea de Moldeo Químico

In case your application deserves bigger pieces or more complex geometries, with our two lines of no bake sand casting you will find the solution having a high flexibility at an affordable tooling cost. On our automated no bake sand casting line you would find a quick facility able to produce large and complex pieces. And for even the most complex pieces you have at your disposal our second no bake sand line where almost everything is possible.

The size of the box is almost unlimited and up-to-date our engineers have been able to produce pieces up to 250 Kg.

Línea de Moldeo Químico